The First Results

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On September 26th, 2020, starting at 2PM, we ran our first event.

Why run the event? Well, to be entirely honest, I just wanted to get a few good games in. That’s about it.

A “sign-up” form went out, I shouted the event out a few times in the Discord server for the game club I’m (somewhat) a part of from school, and after a few weeks we had a solid eight people sign up to play. We allowed full-proxy lists but only with two pieces of the Power Nine and followed Atlantic B&R. Everything was held digitally (except for one game as three of the players were roommates who could just use their table for it) through our Discord server, just a three-round Swiss that way it didn’t run too long but everyone got to see some different decks, and it went a lot smoother than I would’ve expected.


Everyone who participated got a few freebie cards, notably a player-signed 3ED Grizzly Bears “event card” and a second random signed card.

For Everyone!

1st got an Antiquities Strip Mine,


2nd got an Alpha Gray Ogre and Hurloon Minotaur,


and 3rd got a playset of Antiquities Millstone.


The spiciest deck got a pack of Fallen Empires (which was opened on-stream by request) and also gets a mystery alter,


The person with the best play got an Unlimited Karma and World Championship Land Tax.


And finally everyone (that wasn’t me) who made a donation to charity ($5 minimum) was entered in a raffle for an ICE Icy Manipulator!



Andrew - Yet Another Weenie Nerd (YAWN) YAWN

Brandon - Derpy RUG RUG

Caleb - Brother’s War Brother's War

Chris - U/W Fuck B U/WfB

Jeff - The Dark Returns V2 The Dark Returns V2

Jerry - Kobolds of the Howling Mine 2: Demonic Incursion Kobolds 2 Electric Boogaloo

Leland - Unnamed BRG Aggro BRG Aggro

Tyler - Green New Deal Green New Deal


As-mentioned above, the game was a three-round Swiss.

Some random screenshots were taken, some involve quite the busy board… Caleb

…some involve decks that look like they’re doing a lot but aren’t actually doing much… Jerry

…and we even got two games which went to Orb flips! ORB!

I don’t know too well about the other perspectives but I sure know that my games were a surprise. I didn’t expect the plan of “Bring the Disenchant, a card I love, in on Game 2” to actually do good work and I may even leave my personal White Weenie deck in the configuration above because it was a ton more fun.



I won my own event, something I was trying to not do. Due to this I shifted all the prizes down so I didn’t get anything - 2nd became 1st, 3rd became 2nd, and 4th became 3rd. Oops.

Spiciest Deck ended up going to Caleb for bringing an all-Antiquities deck that even included the card to hose itself.

Best Play went to Chris landing a killer opening hand which made a game on-turns get decided before it ever became a time issue.

Best Play

Also, due to a decision to give Caleb the Millstones because of how much he loves Antiquities, Chris got an alternate 3rd-place prize featuring a Chronicles City of Brass, a Japanese Chronicles Arcades Sabboth, and an Unlimited Black Vise.

Alt 3rd Place

We raised $55.01 for charity, I made a donation of $50 and Brandon did $5.01. Due to me not being able to win things, Brandon got the nice Icy Manipulator with no competition.


With how well that went, everyone seemed to have a great time, we plan on running another event sometime next month. A huge thanks again to everyone who attended!

We’re not sure how open it’ll be, that’s to figure out later, but 93/94 Brawl seems like quite the fun thing to try. I’ll be on the lookout for prizes, some more stuff I can get autographed, and maybe some stuff to draw new people in…

-Andrew, Event Organizer