The First Challenge

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Three Months Later…

Well, not a ton has happened yet. Members are scattered, in-person games are rough, and interest is a meme. More stuff has been done, Jerry got himself a nice mono black list and Andrew built out a WB Cyclopean Tomb deck which was quickly dismantled as certain cards were needed for OS-EDH, but still no big games. Now three months in, it was decided that running a nice proper event may be a good way to get the ball rolling.

Welcome to The First Challenge!



26th of September, 2020


Rounds will start at 2PM. Please be early so we can go over rules, answer questions, and make sure you’re in the bracket! Rounds will go on until a first place can be determined, so prepare to stay a while if things go long.


Swiss pairings (Round Robin if not enough registrants) with 50 minutes per-round. A 10 to 15-minute intermission will be provided between rounds for food, bathroom breaks, conversing, etc. Do know that there will be no draws, tied matches will be determined by a Chaos Orb (or Proxy Orb) flip-off between the tied players.

Participant Cap

Up to 24 players may participate in The First Challenge.


Atlantic 93/94 with all reprints that follow the same card art and frame as their original printing allowed (Eternal Central/American reprint policy).

Proxies and other playtest cards are allowed, decks may even be full-proxy if you don’t own any old school cards, but players may only have up to two Power Nine proxies per-deck. Please try to keep them as old school as possible, avoid modern alt. arts and play the originals!

Play Method

We’ll be doing webcam games for the whole event by using Discord. Make sure your deck is somehow done physically, give us the picture, then shoot your playfield with a webcam or phone and play cards on it!

If you need help setting up then by all means contact one of our members through our Discord (provided below) and view the many articles written about how to get them going.

Entry Fee

This event is free for anyone to enter!

If you would like to be entered in our raffle for a special prize, please submit a reciept of you donating at least $5 to any charity or fund of your choice to the EBOS Discord Admin (Erie Bears) at any time before or during the event. Yes, Humble Bundle (if charity is set to $5+) counts for this event!


Submit your decklist in the form of a title and completed photo, similar to those on the Decks page, in the decklists channel of our Discord server before 11:59PM on Friday, September 25th.

No, we do not accept tappedout or other online deck generator links, we want a photo of your spread for the event report.


We do have prize support! The breakdown goes as-follows:

  • 1st Place - 1x Antiquities Strip Mine

  • 2nd Place - 1x Alpha Gray Ogre + 1x Alpha Hurloon Minotaur

  • 3rd Place - 4x Antiquities Millstone

  • Spiciest Deck - 1x Fallen Empires Booster Pack + 1x hand-altered card by an EBOS member

All players who provide their address in the sign-up form will also recieve a free club card - an EBOS-signed Grizzly Bears - which can be brought to future events for possible bonuses and signatures!

All players who prodide proof of a $5+ donation to a charity of their choice will be entered in a raffle for a special prize worth a bit more than 1st place!

So what are you waiting for?

Fill out the Registration Form, join our Discord server, and come play some Old School! We’ll gladly help you as much as we can to make sure you have a good time!