Deck Construction Rules

  1. We follow the Atlantic ruleset for meetups. If a different ruleset is to be used during an event then we will say so with the announcement of said event.

  2. Reprints which are non-foil, have the same art, and have the same card frame are allowed at both meetups and events. This means that playing things like a 4ED Strip Mine, a 1996 Eric Tam City of Brass, or a CE/IE Grizzly Bears which match their original printings in art and frame is allowed.

  3. Proxies are allowed during regular meetups and some may be allowed during events. Altered versions of other cards, stand-in cards, artist sketches, player sketches, etc. all fall under this umbrella of “Proxies”.

  4. Card alters, clearly able to be seen as the original card, are allowed at both meetups and events.

  5. Invoke Prejudice will get you an uncomfortable talk and a possible removal from events. If you really must play a controversial card then we highly encourage altering the card and, if told ahead of time, may even buy you a gold-border blank to draw up your own “functional reprint” which we will allow at our meetups and events.

General Conduct

  1. We seek to be an open and inclusive community. Respect those who both are and aren’t playing around you, be it a public or private setting, at all times.

  2. Playmats and sleeves deemed indecent have no place in public settings, leave them at home.

  3. Clothing deemed indecent has no place in public settings, leave it at home.

  4. If you hear someone say something blatantly offensive then please speak out.