Who Are We?

The Erie Bears is an Old School playgroup based out of Erie, PA dedicated to three things:

  1. Being an inclusive community for all interested individuals
  2. Showing an appreciation for the greater community
  3. Slamming some hot jank

What’s Old School?

Old School is a format where the players use cards from 1993 to 1994, in our current ruleset this means from Alpha to Fallen Empires in a traditional 60-card deck. A large focus, alongside the game, is placed on community. Events are held not only for the enjoyment of the Old School community but also quite commonly for helping local causes.

Are your events sanctioned by WotC?

Nope. We’ll be keeping it that way as we want to be of and for the community.

Is Old School expensive?

Power Nine cards may be nice but you don’t need things like them to have a good time. Some competitive decks can be built on quite the budget, two-thirds of our members either started on or are working with a sub-$60 mono-Black list which does quite well.

If that doesn’t say enough then know just know that the Erie Bears was founded by three broke college students.

I’m interested, what do I do?

Feel free to get in contact with us through our Twitter or Discord! We would be glad to help, answer any questions you may have, and have you at our next meetup or event.

Do you have a deck I could use?

At the moment our members only have their one personal deck but this will change over time.

Why the Erie Bears?

  1. Grizzly Bears is a really cool card.
  2. Bears, both Brown and Black, are local to the area.
  3. No other card seemed quite as fitting to the area.
  4. One of our members has many stories of frustration caused entirely by bears around his house.