EBOS Presents: Christmas(ish) Clash

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Some Months Later…

Well, the Big Bear Brawl didn’t work out. Oh well. That’s a-ok though, we can always run another event!

Welcome to the Christmas(ish) Clash!



At the moment we’re looking at January 16th, 2021 but can run a week earlier or later if needed. We’ll be moving the event back a week or two due to conflict with other ongoing events. Check back in a bit or view the announcement we’ll post in our Discord server!


Rounds will start at 1PM Eastern. Each will go for 50 minutes, games that go over the time limit will be placed onto turns, and a five-minute break will be given between each round.


Swiss Pairings if we can do so, Round Robin if we can’t.

Participant Cap:

Up to 24 Participants may enter.


Atlantic 93/94 with all reprints that follow the same card art and frame as their original printing allowed (Eternal Central/American reprint policy).

Proxies and other playtest cards are allowed, decks may even be full-proxy if you don’t own any old school cards, but players may only have up to two Power Nine proxies per-deck. Please try to keep all proxies as old school as possible, avoid modern/alt. arts and play the originals!

Play Method:

We’ll be doing webcam games via our Discord server so make sure all of your cards are readable across a webcam!

Entry Fee

This event is free for anyone to enter!


Submit your decklist in the form of a title and completed photo, similar to those on the Decks page, in the decklists channel of our Discord server before 11:59PM on Friday, January 15th.

No, we do not accept tappedout or other online deck generator links, we want a photo of your spread for the event report.


We do have full prize support!

  • 1st Place - Surprise Card

  • 2nd Place - ATQ Strip Mine + Bonus!

  • 3rd Place - LEA Grizzly Bears + Bonus!

  • Spiciest Deck - 1x Pack of Fallen Empires + Bonus!

All players who provide their address in the sign-up form will also recieve a free club card - an EBOS-signed Unlimited Grizzly Bears - which can be brought to future events for possible bonuses and signatures!


If you’re interested then check out the signup form below!