A Challenger Approaches… (an introduction)

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January, 2019

A bored college student who helped organize a trip to MagicFest Cleveland is trying to find events which appeal to him while there. He doesn’t much care for Modern, his draft record is absolutely horrible at 12 wins to 622 losses, he’s unsure if there will be Pauper players to use his Atog deck against, and he dislikes EDH after playing it through the entirety of high school. After a bit of looking around online he notices a tweet from a group called the Cleveland Rocs talking about “Old School MTG”. He decides the format sounds cool, gets a White Weenie deck copied just about exactly from this Baltimore Old School page, and signs up for whatever this “Old School” event is.

November, 2019

Said bored college student, now having played his deck quite a bit at his school, has roped two more people into playing the format. One buys into a Mono Black list, the other starts making Kobolds. At the same time a trip is planned to MagicFest Columbus, the one with Mono Black is going alongside him, and both see that the Columbus Kobolds are holding an event within a nice walk of the convention center. Both sign up, the first taking the Kobolds list and bringing home a perfect 0-6 record while the second takes his Mono Black list going 3-3.

June, 2020

After being stuck inside playing random jank against the Forge AI, chatting for quite a while about attempting to be spicy, and having just played in Balance 2020 the group decides to form up as an actual club. Grizzly Bears is picked as a “club card” of sorts, a Twitter account is made, a Discord is set up, and a Google Site gets made then promptly thrown out the window for this Jekyll-powered mess. The Erie Bears are in effect y’all.

So, with the basic history out of the way, welcome to the page of the Erie Bears! We’re currently made of just three members, all broke college students with one from Erie, one from Pittsburgh, and one from Eldred. We haven’t actually held any events before (but have attended a few), we haven’t actually done many meetups (but plan to quite soon), and we definitely haven’t actually made good decks but that’s beside the point. We hope to provide some interesting (enough) content, show off our (jank) decks, and possibly eventually run something.

Thanks for the read!